Soul Insights & Alberta HypnoBirthing® focuses on conscious/mindful living, personal growth and celebrating adventures & milestones of life!
Mindful Living & Personal Growth can be accomplished in many ways, no matter your age, no matter what life phase you are in!
the original Marie Mongan’s HypnoBirthing® birthing preparation course that dispels myths & fears of birthing, while giving you useful tools, skills and special breathing techniques to assist you and your birthing companion to have a safe, calm, confident and conscious birthing experience!
Soul Insights offers you: counseling, hypnosis & hypnotherapy, fertility consultation, fear release for previous pregnancies &/or miscarriages & counselling that help you:
*learn more effective ways for living (such as fertility consultation, smoking cessation, weight management, etc).
*to help you identify and resolve problems which affect your emotional life thereby interfering in your relationships, with yourself and others (such as strengthening boundaries, individual counseling, etc.).
*identify keys that can increase your feelings of contentment, and celebrate achievements in your life. 
At Soul Insights we help you find ways to live more mindfully and consciously so you can obtain the peace and contentment that you deserve!
Call today to schedule the services that improve your life!

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   Henna - temporary body art to celebrate beautiful baby belly, for specific celebrations, or for no reason at all

    Kundalini Yoga -  The yoga of awareness which uses a combination of asanas (postures), pranayam (breath), mantra & sound, relaxation, and meditation

    Counselling, Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy - Hypnosis, alone or in combination with counselling (hypnotherapy), assists in resolution of issues
    **Release & Clearing in preparation for birthing allows for healing from previous birthing experiences, miscarriages, &/or abortion